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3 In1 PH Tester Moisture Light Test Meter Kit

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3 In1 PH Tester Moisture Light Test Meter Kit

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3 In1 PH Tester Moisture Light Test Meter Kit


Are you sick of your plants dying? Fed up of being surrounded by wilting and brown-leaved specimens? If so, the problem could be with your soil, and so, what you need is this 3-in-1 moisture, pH and light meter with easy to read scale. Your plants never need fear that you’re going to mistreat them again with this easy to use and scientifically accurate measuring device.
Needing no batteries the prongs measure the moisture and pH content of the soil from root level and determine whether your plants are ideally situated with regards to their positioning. The moisture meter works with all soil types and is suitable for use in or out doors - simply place it in the soil, set to the setting you wish to measure and read the scale.

3 functions in one compact meter - measure the moisture and pH content of the soil and the environmental light.
Scientifically accurate.
No need for batteries.
Easy-to-read scale indicator.
Incredibly simple to use - just stick it in the soil.
Works with house and garden plants.
Promotes healthy plants.

Instructions for use:

When determining the pH value of acid and alkali, insert the metal probe of the instrument into the soil of the wet test point in a clockwise direction, 8-10 cm vertically, and press the soil around the probe evenly so that the soil and the probe are in full contact and wait until the value is stable

Press the button on the pen to the MOIST. Values 1-3 indicate that watering is required, 4-7 indicates that the humidity is moderate, 8-10 indicates that it is too wet, and the watering time can be adjusted according to the variety of the plant

Move the button to LIGHT, the measurement range is 0-2000. The larger the value, the stronger the Light intensity, according to the needs of the plant to adjust the shade

Press the key to the PH, the corresponding table is 8-3.5, the value of 7 is neutral, the smaller the value is, the more acid the soil, pH can be adjusted according to the plant species


Package Includes

1 x 3 in 1 Moisture / PH / Light Meter Soil Garden Tester


This product only test soil cann't use for dry flour, pebbles, organic wood, sawdust.Please note that the probe plug into the soil 2/3 (about 10CM) depth , Measured most accurate.
Don't test liquid
Don't test On rainy days or In the night,because the tester need sun energy

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